Monday, August 17, 2015

Finding Balance

Finding the sweet spot

Boom!  Nailed it!

Dad of the Year, celebrating his 65th atop Whitney

Looking at the looseness to come...

Summer is in full swing, and since it is California in the midst of a fierce drought, this means lots of alpine rock climbing, sketchy snow-free descents, and lots of wildfire smoke.  Despite some of these conditions, we at Sierra Mountain Center keep on plugging away, and have had a very successful season so far with great guests and lots of safe summits.  

I have been staying busy, from Mini Mountain Camps in the Rock Creek area to a string of Mount Whitney trips (4 summits in 16 days for me during these past couple weeks!).  While the end of the season is still a month and a half away, and several interesting and engaging trips are scheduled for September, we are also looking quite intently at the building chances for a big El Nino winter in the Sierra.

So while I make the requisite offerings to the Snow Gods by buying a few new pairs of skis, it is definitely still rock-sending season.  Hope to see you out there in the mountains!