Monday, July 8, 2013

Flying High over the Sierra Nevada

For years now I have dreamed of hiring a local pilot to fly me high above the peaks I live and play amidst, and last week I finally made it happen.  It was a surprise treat to Jen, who had no idea what we were doing until we pulled up to the hanger, and who for the last year has been a very important part of my life.

After she cooled off a bit we piled into the small '81 Cessna piloted by local Bishop pilot Wayne S. bound for the Southern Sierra.  I wanted to check out the area around Carl Heller and Tulainyo without the necessary bushwack up George Creek to find out the hard way!

Around Whitney the thunderheads started building up very early and brought some unstable gusty air with it, so Wayne decided that going over to the west side of the range wasn't in the cards for the day, so we headed over to the Inyo and White Mountains, flying above the Whites until Boundary Peak and Montgomery Pass then turning around back to Bishop.

It was a great morning spent out in the mountains, taking lots of pictures, and now I am waiting (impatiently) for the next calm day to go out into the heart of the range!

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