Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Update: Summer is here!

So besides the blog entries below for a couple of the climbs that I have gotten to do in the last week, I'll give a bit more insight into what has been going on.
Jen and I spent about 2 weeks up in the Pacific Northwest visiting my folks, and kayaking up on the Olympic Peninsula before I had a trip to guide on Mount Shasta.  Our group was unsuccessful at reaching the summit, due to to high winds and bitter cold, but everyone had a good time.
After getting back, I have been climbing as much as possible, making trips into the Incredible Hulk, Charlotte Dome, the Palisades and Rock Creek, and have gotten some great work trips as well, climbing Mount Whitney a couple times and some rock instruction too.  
For the rest of June I go up Mount Whitney once more, and then get to take a nice casual hike from Tuolumne to Mammoth with a guest and his son.  

The rest of the summer is looking pretty full already, with the exception of a week in the middle of July, so if you are still on the fence about coming out and climbing a peak in the Range of Light, get on it!  


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