Thursday, January 21, 2010

Basecamp Antics

In the long weeks since anything resembling climbing here in Puta-gonia, we have made numerous trips up and down the Ascensio and Silencio Valleys, restocking food, retreating to town, and making half-hearted attempts on the Towers which never seem to be in condition.
Highlights have been New Year´s on the beach in Japones (before the Pisco got the better of us), baseball, and the 5 person frozen bivy in the Bonington Cave.

Batter up! Home run derby.

Wu Tang Clan ain´t nothin to f**k with!

La Peineta. Seen better days.

With the recent spike in temperature and precipitation, Japones came very close to flooding, and Josh and I were both pretty sure the river was going to break the banks and wash us downstream! So after another failed attempt (if you could even call it that) on the ├╝ber-rimed out Peineta, we took our tents down and moved all our stuff back down valley and have taken up a new residence in the Italian cave near Campamento Torres. This means we are a bit farther away, but means there is a lot more to do when we are just sitting around on our thumbs waiting for that perfect window.

It looks like this for about 12 hours a month.

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