Saturday, July 4, 2009

Peaks, Passes and Trails: 22 Days in the Heart of the Sierra

Living and working in the beautiful Sierra Nevada has been a dream come true.  This past month, I had the opportunity to instruct a 22 day mountaineering course in the heart of the High Country, located in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.  Every day brought us deeper into the wild and higher above the tree line.  The peaks are high, the trails steep, and the distances are great.  The beauty of this area is indescribable, and the amount of snow still present gave it that distinct alpine feel that the Sierra has always been able to capture for me. With any luck some of these photos will inspire others to take a personal journey and discover what lies amidst this range of light.

A cold view west from Twin Peaks after a snowstorm.

Taking it all in at Pear Lake.

Eagle Scout Peak

Suncups and Lawson Peak

Campsite in the Upper Nine Lakes Basin

Angel's Wings and Valhalla rising above Hamilton Lake

Lonely Peak aka the Scimitar


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